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About us

What is N-TECH ?

We originally started the company specialized in paint correction and coating.

When I started my shop, I was using subcontractor for clear bra.

But it was very stressful that they install or touch the car without enough knowledge of paint's condition. That's why I started installing clear bra by myself in 2003. That way I can check the condition of all of paint before installing clear bra.​ 


I'm always improving my skill and learn new things. 

I believe you would not be able to install it perfectly without understanding the characteristics of film. I can say same thing about tools as well. If you don't know which is the best tool for each cars, you can't finish install it perfectly.

Some shops still misunderstands installing clear bra is as "just apply".

Clear Bra is not just stick n’ go.

Always I have to think about 10 years later for that film still stay well.

Also, I don't like customers who judge only by the price. If you see the result of our work, you can understand the value.

Since it is a business, the prices are matched to the market and value.


We aim to the top performance in this industry day by day.

This is the policy of our company.

​Owner / Installer  Yoshiki Tani 

​Meet the team



​" Boss "

Former professional race car driver. He does training to return to be a professional race car driver. He LOVES car!

He is a perfectionist about work. Honesty and Integrity are two of his most important traits.  

​He is the owner of N-Tech and J-Armor.




She is N-TECH main installer.

She's good at photography as well.

Not only PPF but also paint correction.

Instagram: @clear_bra_miyavi



​Sexy tractor

If you call to N-Tech you can hear her happy voice! She loves talking with customers. 

She didn't know anything except Prius before starting working with N-Tech. Now she enjoys learning about cars while installing and talking with customers. Now she knows too much cars and she can't decide which cars wants next!

Instagrum : luna_paint_protection

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