What is N-TECH ?

We originally started this company with menu specialized for paint correction.

So, I always care about paint condition.


When I first started the business, we subcontracted to other companies for clear bra.

But I felt very stressful when installer touches the car without the knowledge of paint condition.


Clear Bra is not just stick n’ go.  Without understanding the characteristics of the film, you would not be able to install it perfectly.  Tools too.  Without perception and perceive of tools toward installation and the characteristics of installer's own body, there is no flawless finish.


To this day, some companies still misleads or misunderstands the process of coating as "just apply".


Also, I dislike customers who judge only by the price.

Look at the result of work first, then we will talk.

Since it is a business, the prices are matched to the market.


However, we aim for the best in the region and with growth to technology.

This is the policy of our company.

​Owner / Installer  Yoshiki Tani 

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