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Protection Film

(Clear Bra)


Certified Shop

Please Note: Installation area and prices may vary depending on each vehicles

Plan 1.0

[Full Bumper + Head-lightas]

Front Bumper (Full)


​(Fog Lamp or Day-light)

Stealth (Matt Paint) + 5% more

Starting $595

Plan 1.5

[Front Partial]

Front Bumper (Full)

Front Hood (Partial)

Front Fender (Partial)

Head lamp & Fog lamp

Door Mirrors

Stealth (Matt Paint) + 5% more

Luggage kit +$80 to $120

​Starting $995

​Plan 2.0

[Front Bumper + Rear Bumper]

Front Bumper (Full)


Door Mirrors

Rear Bumper


Stealth (Matt Paint) + 5% more

​Starting $1095

​Plan 3.0

[Full nose]

Front Bumper


Front Hood (Full)

Front Fender (Full)

Door Mirrors


Stealth (Matt Paint) + 5% more

Starting $1795

​Plan 3.5

[Full nose + Rocker set]

Front Bumper


Front Hood (Full)

Front Fender (Full)

Door Mirrors

Door Cup

Rocker Panel

​Rear Fender or Rear Bumper (Partial)

​Touch-Up Paint (install part only)

Stealth (Matt Paint) + 5% more

Starting $2290

​Full Cover

Full Cover

Stealth (Matt Paint) + 5% more

Starting $3995

​Custom Plan

Also, possible to make the custom data according to your budget and the necessarily wanted places to your originality.

​$ ???


1. Contact us through Email or Phone

Please make sure to include ALL information of:

Coverage plan, Year, Make, Model, Color, Phone #

2. Estimate with illustration

We will make an illustration prior to your desired coverage

3. Determine which coverage plan

Consultation on which plan will suit for your desire

4. Determination of work schedule date

Consultation for install schedule  

5. Vehicle Drop-off​

6. Gentle Hand Car Wash

Pressure wash, Foam Gun, Detailed Wash

7. Paint Surface Condition Detection

Confirming any scratches, iron deposits, surface contaminants

8. Paint Surface Contaminants Removal

Iron deposits removal with clay bar

9. Paint Protection Film install

Installed with the desired package plan

10. Vehicle Release​

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