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Does the new car need to be polished before coating?

Are you looking for The ceramic coating for the new car?

You can count on me!

To maximize the effect of ceramic coating, uniformity of the paint's surface is essential before applying the ceramic coating.

First I need to remove impurities on paint such as;

・Iron powder and sap on the painted surface

・Adhesive marks on the protective film when the new car is shipped

・Scratches on the paint repaired parts at the factory

・Various acidic and oily stains

Then I remove orange skin on the surface too.

After all preparation has done, ceramic coating maximizes its glossy layer and hydrophobicity.

There're some shops that says "One day is enough to apply the coating on a new car".

But they doesn't perform the above-mentioned basic treatment sufficiently.

Even with a new car, it takes time to apply the ceramic coating correctly.

Have you ever lost the hydrophobicity of your front hood and roof within half a year?

Let's leave the application of ceramic coating to a specialty shop!


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